Wireless Internet division sold to NishnaNet

Marne Elk Horn has reached an agreement with Atlantic, IA based NishnaNet to sell our Wireless Internet division. Effective September 20, 2019 NishnaNet will handle technical support, billing and sales for customers formerly served by Marne Elk Horn’s Wireless Internet division.

Current Marne Elk Horn Wireless Internet customers — a letter from Janell Hansen about the sale and transition is on its way to you with more details. Prior to that letter’s arrival, we wanted to supply some information here in case you heard this news from NishnaNet or other sources.

A few details:

  1. NishnaNet will contact you about transitioning to their plans, and the timeline to do so.

  2. You may keep your metc.net email address.

  3. Your next bill will come from NishnaNet.

  4. If you have autopay set up currently with Marne Elk Horn, it will be stopped and you may reestablish it directly with NishnaNet.

  5. You can reach NishnaNet at 712-243-2497, at info@techawe.com, at www.technicallyawesome.com or at their office at 2 East 6th Street in Atlantic, IA.

  6. NishnaNet has a page set up to address your questions - Find it Here