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How do I check my Spam folder on webmail?

We have developed a tutorial which is the best way to answer this question, as well as related ones.

What are the settings I need to set up email on my computer, smartphone or tablet?

METC offers both POP3 and IMAP mail services. However, currently the stated maximum for server side storage is 500Mb which limits IMAP capacity. Due to these limits, POP3 is the recommended setting. Server settings from Marne Elk Horn's mail servers:

For the incoming account: 
* Connection Type: IMAP                        or                            * Connection Type:  POP
* Port: 993                                                                                         * Port: 995
* Security Option: SSL                                                                * Security Option:  SSL
* Hostname:                                                      * Hostname:
* Username: <your email address>                                      * Username: <your email address>
* Password: <your password>                                                  * Password: <your password>

For the outgoing account:
* Hostname:
* Port: 587
* Security Option: STARTTLS (TLS)
* Check "My server requires authentication"
* Username: <your email address>
* Password: <your password>

I have an iPhone or iPad, is there an easy way to set up email on it?

Yes, there is. If you don't want to input the settings above, from the device you want to set up (your iPhone or iPad) you can use the set up system we have developed for users. 

I want to automatically have my payment sent to you from my bank or credit card. How do I get started?

To get started, you'll need your bill and a registration security code, which you can get by stopping in or calling our office. Then, you can go to this page - select your community from the two options and set up your account. 

My TV is not working because my set top box got turned off. What should I do?

We have found that often the issue is someone accidentally turned off the set top box, which is how the TV gets the channels from our TV system. There are a few different set top boxes, so there is not one method to use for all of them. But, if you have your remote, push the input to make sure it is communicating with the set top box and press the Power button. If your box has an "on/off" button, you can turn it on. If none of those options work, please give us a call and we will help you out. You might want to visit our Equipment page, to identify the type of box you have - so we can help you promptly. 

To whom should I make my check out?

You can make your check out to Marne Elk Horn.

Do I need to reboot or power cycle my WiFi or Internet router?

Due to the many types of configurations which might be involved, there is not one answer to this question. However, computer networks can benefit from being reset from time to time, especially if they seem to be functioning differently than normal. The best way to do this is unplug the router (and modem if you have one), wait 3 minutes, then plug them back in. If possible, before unplugging the router - power down any computers which are connected to the Internet. If you did this, after the router is back up (about 60-90sec) you can start up the computer(s) again. 

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