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We love rural western Iowa; We live here too! We’ve been serving you since 1903.

  • We deliver outstanding technology - and have for 115 years

    • Unlimited, No contract Internet with local experts to keep it running smoothly

  • We want to give you reasons to love us. We are committed to GREAT service! 

    • Our staff lives and works right here too; we all want to help our communities thrive

Our name or logo might be new to you, but we are not new to serving rural customers in western Iowa

  • Offices in Walnut, Avoca & Elk Horn

    • Local experts on staff at your service

  • Committed to giving you the BEST service

  • History of serving and investing in our communities - incorporated in Feb. of 1903

    • We believe in Fiber-to-the-Home.

    • AND, we are currently working to convert Avoca and Underwood to Fiber.

    • We already have it in rural Underwood, Walnut, Elk Horn, Kimballton, Brayton and Marne.