A La Carte Telephone

Residential & Business Telephone Service is available to customers of Elk Horn, Kimballton, Marne, Brayton & Exira. 

Elk Horn, Kimballton, Marne & Brayton

Residential Telephone - $18.00
Business Telephone -$18.00
Business Telephone (PBX) - $20.00


Residential Telephone - $18.00
Business Telephone -$18.00
Business Telephone (PBX) - $20.00

Regulatory Fees
Subscriber Line Charge  - $6.50
(Residential & Single Line Business)

Subscriber Line Charge - $9.20
(Multi-Line Business)

E911 - $1.00

Federal Universal Service Charge - Subject to Quarterly Change

Access Recovery Charge (Residential & Single Line Business) - $3.00

Access Recovery Charge (Multi-Line Business) - $3.00

One-Time Fees
Telephone Installation - $20.00 (Free with Bundle)
Telephone Installation with Jack - $45.00
Reconnection Fee - $15.00
Travel Charge - $20.00
Late Fee - $5.00
Extra Jack (without wiring/labor) - $40.00

Calling Features
3-Way Calling - $1.00
Anonymous Call Rejection - $1.00
Call Forwarding - $1.50
Caller ID, Name or Number - $2.00
Call Waiting - $1.50
Customer Originated Trace - $5.00
Distinctive Ringing - $5.00
Phone Inside Wire Maintenance - $2.00
Speed Calling (30) - $1.50
Voice Mail - $5.95

Phone Inside Wire Maintenance - $2.00
As a Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company customer, you are responsible for maintaining the inside telephone wiring from the protector (usually a small gray box on the outside of your house) to your telephone devices. “Inside wire” refers to the wiring running from the protector to the telephone devices in your home. Customer-owned telephone equipment such as fax machines, modems, satellite receivers, or answering machines that may be connected to a telephone jack are not included in the definition of “inside wire”. Inside Wire Maintenance Plan does not cover inside wiring that is not working, disconnected at the time coverage is initiated, or not professionally installed. 

Long Distance Calling
Choose from two Long Distance options through Marne Elk Horn
10¢/minute - Flat rate of 10¢/minute calling with a $3.95/month fee. Add METC Internet and we'll wave the $3.95/month fee!
14¢/minute - 14¢/minute calling with no monthly fee. This is a great plan if you use less than 100 Long Distance minutes per month. Sign up for an METC bundle and receive 100 minutes/month of free Long Distance Calling.

Conference Calling
Provides secure, clear, quality conferencing available 24/7 from any phone. Manage your meetings online for ultimate flexibility.
One time Conference Use Charge - 10¢/conference
Toll Related Charges - 5¢/minute per caller using direct dial inbound, 15¢/minute per caller using 800 toll free number, 10¢/minute for each out bound call made from the conference bridge.