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Technology was supposed to be easy. Rocket card, personal jetpacks and computers that did all the work for you . . . so what happened?

Well, somehow we got partway there. You have hundreds of products that make your life easier but making everything work together requires a computer science degree. 

But now, there is an answer for the rest of us! TechHome is Technology Made Easy for you and your home. It makes it easy to setup, use, protect and enjoy your networked devices, anytime and anywhere!

Products & Pricing for Atlantic, Brayton, Elk Horn, Exira, Kimballton & Marne

TechHome Protect
TechHome Protect - $2.95 w/Bundle
Tech Home Protect - $5.99 w/oBundle
Add 1 Desktop - $4.99
Add Mobile Device - $1.99
Upgrade to 250GB FileHopper Plus - $14.95

TechHome Protect Plus
TechHome Protect Plus - $6.95 w/Bundle
Tech Home Protect Plus - $9.99 w/oBundle
Add 1 Desktop - $4.99
Add Mobile Device - $1.99

TechHome Support
TechHome Support - $11.95 w/Bundle
Tech Home Support - $14.99 wo/Bundle
Add 1 Desktop - $4.99
Add Mobile Device - $1.99

Products & Pricing for Avoca, McClelland, Minden, Neola, Persia, Shelby, Underwood & Walnut

TechHome Protect - $2.95
TechHome Protect Plus - $6.95
TechHome Support - $11.95
Add 1 Desktop - $4.99
Add Mobile Device - $1.99

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