Regarding Major League Baseball’s Broadcast Blackouts…

Regardless of where a game is played or if it is sold out, a game must be blacked out within the home television territory of each MLB club participating in a game. We know it is frustrating and disappointing, and we are sorry this occurs. 

Each MLB club decides its home television territory and the teams listed below claim all of Iowa. These are the teams most likely to be blacked out because we are in their home TV territory:

• Chicago Cubs
• Chicago White Sox
• Milwaukee Brewers
• Minnesota Twins
• St. Louis Cardinals

Yet, sometimes when these teams are carried on a national game of the week (on ESPN or Fox) and then the team’s game will then be shown. METC does not get to decide which games to carry and which games to blackout. Our receivers are automatically tuned away from blacked out games, and we cannot change them and allow the game to be shown on our system.

Please note, with all the nuances with MLB blackouts, sometimes our programming guide incorrectly list games which will be blacked out. We continue to work with our guide vendor to address this, so we can all avoid this frustration. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and please contact us with questions.