Managed WiFi

Take the frustration out of your home WiFi with Managed WiFi service!


Managed WiFi Service allows you to get the optimum speed and performance out of your Internet connection. Plus, it gives you added security and protection with professional setup and firewall capabilities.

Let our professionals setup, manage and update a WiFi router, help you connect all your devices and give you the peace of mind that you're getting the best possible performance out of your Internet connection.

Not all routers let you get the speed you have coming to you. Ours do. We’ll make it easy for you! 

What We Do:

  • Set Up Your WiFi Router with Security
  • Setup a Firewall which Acts as a Barrier to Intruders on Your Network
  • Manage & Update Your WiFi Router Remotely from Our Office
  • Make Sure It Works

What You Do:

  • Connect all Your Devices
  • Sit Back & Enjoy Your Internet

Benefits & Details:

  • Firewall - We'll setup and configure a firewall to keep your network safe from intruders who may try to access and cause problems on your devices
  • 2 Band Options Available - we will help determine which is best for you
    2.4GHz – crowded space (cordless phones, garage door openers, baby monitors, etc.), longer waves used and better suited to longer ranges and transmissions through walls and solid objects.
    5GHz – less congested, more stable connections, shorter waves and less able to penetrate walls and solid objects.
  • Device Connection Assistance - We will help setup and configure devices like iPads, SmartPhones, computers, etc so you have have optimum Internet performance
  • Replacement - If router equipment is faulty, we will replace the router at no charge. Charges may apply if problem is customer related.
  • Availability - This service is available to all residential customers and most small businesses, upon approval
  • Tech Support - Tech sup port is available 24/7/365

*Router management available during normal business hours. Some restrictions may apply.