METC Email includes 500Mb of Free storage

If you use Outlook or Apple Mail, or another similar program to download and read your email (POP3), this change won’t impact you UNLESS you are leaving your mail on server. 

Some people may have set up your mail program to “leave mail on server,” but since this option is ‘off’ by default, only those who made this choice will need to consider how the change below will affect them.

If you use webmail to read your mail, if you use IMAP, or if you use POP3 and “leave mail on server” AND you keep/file a lot of email, you’ll want this info.

With METC email, you receive 500Mb of storage for free with your account. If you store much email, you may need to increase your storage or delete some mail to keep from going over your allotted storage.

There is a storage status bar in Magic Mail’s interface to help you see the space you have available. You may add more storage in 250Mb increments for $2/month.

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How to ‘allow a sender’ so their Email gets to your Inbox

The new mail system has a stronger spam filter than the past – which is good most of the time. Sometimes it is too good and legitimate mail may end up in your spam folder.

It is easy to free it from spam jail – and to train the spam filter to always allow emails from that address through to you.

On webmail, and in the Spam folder, find the legitimate email and open it.

Then, with the email open, find the “Allow Sender” check box above and to the right side of the message header. If you check that box, this email address will always come through to you.