DVR Service

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Never miss a minute with a DVR from Marne Elk Horn! You can digitally record, store and play back all of your favorite programs so you never have to miss your favorite shows again! With our DVR service, you can play stored programs as often as you like and control live TV with pause, rewind and instant replay. With our Whole Home DVR options, you can record a program in one room and watch in another.

Pause a Program

  • Instantly replay live TV
  • Replay in slow motion
  • Rewind the show you have been watching
  • Fast forward back to the point of live TV

Watch Your Favorite Shows on Your Schedule

  • Watch recorded shows when its convenient for you
  • Record a single show or a whole season
  • Record in one room; watch in another with Whole Home DVR

Interactive Guide

  • Do everything with the touch of a button
  • Search for programs to record
  • Record right from the guide