Color changes everything. Don’t believe it? How many black & white TVs do you own? Blooming flowers beautify our world and during an Iowa winter, imagining colors of spring is worth doing. While the technology we’ve ‘planted’ won’t burst forth with color, if well used it will transform your life and our community for the better.

Why is great Internet so important? It has become a lifeline for recreation, entertainment, work, education, communication and more. We have invested in fiber-to-the-home in many of our services areas, and we are upgrading and improving our non-fiber areas to deliver the outstanding, reliable service Marne Elk Horn is known for. 

Today, we're using our Internet more than ever! At a minimum, three things are happening. We use our Internet more. We allow more devices to use our Internet connection. And, the content we consume with those devices is more data hungry – meaning they use a lot more data per task. 

Most users need a much faster Internet speed than they currently have. So, you should consider upgrading yours. Please ask us to evaluate your WiFi router for the best experience. Get your Internet blooming in 2018!

Boost Your Internet Speed! Go up to 4X Faster FREE for 90 Days

Speeds Vary by Location - Ask for Details


Offer valid February 1 thru April 30, 2018. Offer includes any speed increase to your existing Internet service FREE for 90 days. After promo ends, regular rates apply. Call/see office for details.