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What is Gig Certified & why does it matter to me?

You are the reason we built a Fiber network, which lets us offer Gig Internet! We wanted you and our communities to have THE BEST Internet, Digital TV and Voice services in the world. Now you do.

Rural electrification was a game changer in 1936. Gig Internet may have a similar impact for the people who have it. 

“Gig” Internet means 1,000Mb Internet. For comparison, today most METC residential customers have between 5Mb and 50Mb. 

Practically speaking, your Internet should never seem ‘slow.’ If it does, please give us a call, and we’ll give your Internet a check-up. Then, you can connect all your devices, watch TV & stay connected and never slow down because of your Internet. 

Wondering if you really need Gig Internet? The answer for most is not YET. Eventually, likely sooner than you think, you will need Gig or close to it. 

Why? Because how we all use Internet will increase dramatically in the coming years. And our Internet use will demand VERY large amounts of information to be sent and received quickly. Gig Internet will be as critical as running water or electricity. When you need Ultra-Fast, Gig Internet, you’ll have it. Not all communities are as fortunate. 

You Live in a Gig Certified Community!

This distinction is only for companies who can provide Gigabit Internet to their customers. 

There are only 85 companies in the US in this group. Gigabit Internet is equal to 1,000Mb.