TV broadcasters looking for huge rate increases; will Affect TV rates 

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Every 3 years we have to renegotiate the rates we pay the broadcasters (ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox) to carry their stations on our TV line up. Every time broadcasters start with an astronomical increase and a huge number of restrictions and requirements. We counter offer, attempting to lower the rate, restrictions and requirements. We are fighting on your behalf to keep TV rates from rising so fast. 

“We are fighting on your behalf . . . to keep TV rates from rising.” 

Nothing about this is enjoyable. We, along with our negotiating partners, are fighting hard to keep these rates and restrictions down, so we don’t have to raise your TV rate as much. Broadcasters, now reliant on these fees to replace lost revenue, are working hard to raise the rates cable and satellite companies pay. This is one of the main reasons we have to increase TV rates. 

We want you to know two things:

  1. Cable rates will go up, as they will for all providers, because of the rates demanded by local broadcast channels. We just don't know how much they will go up. 
  2. We don't want to lose any local channels, but if local broadcast stations continue to push the larger percentage increases, we might not be able to come to an agreement with them. We care about keeping your rates as reasonable as possible.